Lonely Shadows

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realm of NFT’s

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Get exclusive access to a world where you follow the shadows, a world where the shadows rule the darkness. Be warned, each of the 1000 NFT shadows are dangerously unique. arrow right Explore Lonely Shadows

Finding Treasures in the Dark

They are unnoticeable while lurking right underneath you. They are always there with you, they are ever so present. They’ve been everywhere the living have, heard every whisper, probably seen where all the deepest and darkest secrets are buried. What if the shadows could talk? What would they say? What would they show us and what are they really like?

The Lonely Shadows project is here to shine a little light on this obscure world they rule in the hope of unearthing some of their hidden treasures and secrets.

The Way Out of
the Darkness

Reality is about to be flipped upside down and turned inside out. Be ready to question everything that you think you know. We are about to forever merge our worlds into something unimaginable. Who knows where we’ll end up as we’re building this brand new reality.

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Meet the

Who is really behind it all?



Founder & Community Lead


Lead Artist
Efi Kabak

Efi Kabak

Art Director


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Front End Developer

Frequently asked questions

  1. WTF IS Lonely Shadows?

    The Lonely Shadows project is a unique exploration of the world of shadows. We are born into this world innocent and unknowing. It’s not until we begin to grow do we observe the shadow that we cast. Our virtues and imperfections, our strengths and shortcomings… It’s only through this journey of life, this never ending pursuit of awareness and self-reflection will we be able to understand our own Shadow.

  2. What is the Lonely Shadows Launching?

    Lonely Shadows is releasing 1000 unique PFP’s (profile picture) NFT’s (Non-Fungible Token’s) using the Ethereum blockchain.

  3. How much will it cost to purchase a Lonely Shadow NFT?

    Don’t worry, it won’t cost you your soul. Fortunately for you, each Lonely Shadow NFT will cost 0.07 ETH.

  4. What type of wallet do I need to buy one of Lonely Shadows NFT?

    Wallet Connect, MetaMask, Torus, Formatic & Authereum.

  5. How are the Shadows giving back?

    We are donating 5% of all of our primary sales to Jack.org, an organization focused on youth mental health. We will continue to raise support for mental health. We believe this is one of the biggest challenges of our generation.